Monthly Archives: January 2013

3/2: Rain Garden Workshop

Rain Garden Workshop, Saturday March 2nd at Verona Public Library Lean how rain gardens help lakes and streams, how to plan and install a garden, and information on Plant Dane!Cost-Share Program, which provides rain garden plants at less than ½ retail … Continue reading

2/27: Citizen-Based Monitoring Program

Since 2004, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin’s “Citizen-Based Monitoring Partnership Program” have sought to expand citizen and volunteer participation in natural resource monitoring by providing funding and assistance with high priority projects. Qualifying topics include monitoring of … Continue reading

2/21: Trees & Shrubs for Shoreline

Every year, the Wisconsin State Nursery Program produces a variety of trees and shrubs for the landowners of Wisconsin.  Our goal is to insure a consistent supply of high quality seedlings of desirable forest species, at an economical price, to … Continue reading

1/22: Yahara WINS!

THe Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is pioneering a new regulatory approach to address phosphorus, called “watershed adaptive management”. Excessive levels of phosphorus can impact the quality of Wisconsin’s lakes and streams. Regulatory approaches to address phosphorus have traditionally focused on … Continue reading

1/21: Madison Water Ways

The Winter 2012/13 issue of our quarterly newsletter Madison Water Ways: News From Your Storm Water Utility: In each issue we intend to include information on current or proposed projects, changes to stormwater regulations, and other interesting stormwater-related news. Thank you, … Continue reading

1/2: New Yahara Portal Website

The Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds has launched a new Yahara Portal website, at Yahara Portal is a great place to: Explore the history, science, and management of the Yahara Watershed including past and current work to improve … Continue reading