6/23: New Interactive Watershed Map

In an effort to help county residents better understand the concept of a “watershed” and better connect with their local water resources, the Office of Lakes and Watersheds has created an interactive online map.

This map has different layers that can be turned on or off (basins, subwatersheds, special water places, etc.), a search feature so people can find out what watershed they live in, and descriptions of the watersheds along with links to groups that are active in those areas.

If you have additional information, photos, or updated group information that you would like to contribute to this map, please let me know.

We have posted a link to this map on our Dane Waters Facebook page and encourage you to share it with your networks so that we can increase awareness of our watersheds!


Susan Sandford
Strategic Engagement Coordinator

Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds
Phone: (608) 224-3617

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