About YLA

What is YLA?

The Yahara Lakes Association (YLA) is a non-profit organization which works to improve and preserve the lakes and rivers in the Yahara chain of lakes in south central Wisconsin.

YLA is dedicated to representing waterfront property owners and advocating for the vitality of the Yahara chain of lakes so all citizens may enjoy them.

What does YLA do?

  • Keeps our members informed and involved about lake issues and events.
  • Takes direct action and advocates on lake, shoreline and property issues.
  • Provides legislative representation and interacts with local and state officials.
  • Partners with local, state and national organizations to support the vitality of lakes and waterways.
  • Supports and coordinates outreach and research on lake issues with farmers, government officials and communities.
  • Represents lake property owners’ interests on the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission.

YLA’s Key Accomplishments That Impact Waterfront Property Owners

  • Mitigating flooding and managing lake levels.
  • Grandfathering pier configurations under revised DNR rules.
  • Maintaining a 200′ no-wake zone versus WI state no-wake zone of 100′.
  • Partnering with Clean Lakes Alliance to improve water quality.
  • Sponsoring lake conferences to kick start action and awareness about water quality.

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